costa cup 3d render

Costa Cup Project

Project Details

Concept for Costa Coffee for the most expensive coffee cup in the world. Generated profits would be donated to the Costa Foundation charity. User research and 3D modelling with physical prototype mocked up for client approval.

Project Contribution

Project Tools

Project concept for Costa Coffee’s advertising agency. This project concept was presented as a marketing opportunity tied in with a charitable donation.

The brief required that a model be produced as well as a simple model demo showing a rotation of the cup.

Final deliverables included rendered high definition images, a 20 second proof-of-concept advert, 3D model files and a physical prototype.

After initial meetings with the advertising agency, we iterated upon an idea I had to showcase the client's range of summer drinks. This allowed for more than one design based on the press images of the summer menu and tied in well for the seasonal advertising campaign.

In addition to creating extra value for the concept by producing three designs against the original brief, I also chose to mock up a 20 second advertising spot to demonstrate proof of concept to the design agency in place of the rotating model idea.

The marketing agency were extremely happy with the deliverables.

a rendered image of a Costa Coffee cup, lid and straw in precious metal with diamonds a rendered image of a close-up Costa Coffee cup in precious metal with diamonds a rendered image of three Costa Coffee cups with lids and straws in precious metal with diamonds, with different designs on each cup

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